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Annual Meeting 2019 - Exhibit Rules and Regulations



CONTRACT FOR SPACE: Your application for exhibit space has been accepted by the California Blood Bank Society (CBBS). We will attempt to comply with any special requirements you may request, however, CBBS cannot guarantee that all of your requests may be complied with to your satisfaction. No exhibitor will be allowed to set up in any area not designated to that firm nor can any exhibitor attempt to move, exchange or in any manner alter the master layout provided. No exhibitor will be allowed to participate whose exhibit’s dimensions exceed the area provided. Please advise your exhibit personnel that they must comply with this requirement or be excluded from the exhibit area with no refund due the parent company.

Any person who is observed to be soliciting business in the Exhibit Hall aisles or other public spaces, in another company’s booth, or in violation of any portion of the CBBS policies, will be asked to leave immediately. Additional penalties may be applied. Please report any violations you may observe to CBBS. CBBS recognizes that suitcasing may also take the form of commercial activity conducted from a hotel guest room or hospitality suite; a restaurant, club, or any other public place of assembly. For the purposes of this policy, suitcasing violations may occur at venues other than the exhibition floor and at other events. CBBS must be informed of any hospitality suites, and expressed consent must be received prior to the event. Suitcasing is defined as any activity designed to solicit or sell products or services to delegates attending a meeting, conference, or event without the proper authorization by the event sponsor or in ways that violate the rules of the event or exhibition.


  •  Exhibitors must set up their displays in the Fiesta Ballroom of the OMNI Resort (41000 Bob Hope Dr, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270), Wednesday, May 14, from 1 pm to 4 pm All exhibits should be set up during this time.
  • Exhibit hours are: Tuesday, May 14 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 pm (Grand Opening and Reception), Wednesday, May 15 from 7 am - 8 am (breakfast), 11:30 am to 1:30 pm (luncheon), Thursday, May 16 from 7 am - 8 am (breakfast), 11:30 am to 1:30 pm (luncheon).           
  • Tear down is scheduled from 2 pm to 6 pm on Thursday, May 16.  All exhibits must be down by 6 pm. Early breakdown is not allowed; the strike schedule is strictly enforced.


CONDUCT: The rights and privileges of an exhibitor should not be infringed upon by any other exhibitor.  Exhibitors shall not disparage the goods, services or reputation of other exhibitors. The Society reserves the right to expel, without refund, any exhibitor engaging in misconduct, or to restrict exhibits or exhibitors that may be objectionable or in the judgment of the Society detrimental or detracts from the general order of the exhibit area. This applies to persons advertising, soliciting, or anything of a similar nature. Please note: you must have an actual product or service to sell to qualify as an Exhibitor at the CBBS Annual Meeting.

Exhibitor personnel are required to keep equipment, merchandise, and promotional or advertising materials within the confines of the exhibit space contracted. Solicitation in the exhibit hall by persons other than exhibitor personnel is prohibited. Persons conducting unauthorized solicitations will be expelled from the exhibit hall. There will be no exceptions. Show management maintains a strict NO SUITCASING policy (see second paragraph under Contract for Space on this page).

The exhibitor is permitted to demonstrate the firm’s equipment and to make formal presentations regarding the product line or service in the booth. Hard sell tactics are considered inappropriate. Attention-getting devices in the form of entertainment or amusement are strictly prohibited. 

Vendor representative(s) must staff exhibit at all times during exhibit hours. All exhibitors are required to wear their exhibitor badges during all show hours. All Exhibitors are required to dress in appropriate attire. Attire for attendees and exhibitors is business casual.

LIABILITY: Neither the California Blood Bank Society nor the OMNI Resort assumes responsibility for damage or loss of any kind. The exhibit area will offer all exhibitors maximum exposure. The exhibit hall will be locked during non-exhibit hours. It is suggested that any property of value be removed from the exhibit hall during non-exhibit hours. Neither the California Blood Bank Society nor the OMNI Resort will be held responsible for property or material left unattended at any time in the resort. If the exhibitor wishes to insure its property, it must be done at the exhibitor’s expense. It is expressly understood that by signing the Exhibit and Sponsor Agreement, the exhibitor agrees to accept the rules stated herein and will make no claim of any kind against show management, or any officers, agents, servants, or employees of the California Blood Bank Society. Exhibitor shall be fully responsible to pay for any and all damages to property owned by the OMNI Resort, its owners, managers, officers, or directors, agents, employees, subsidiaries, and affiliates from any damages or charges resulting from exhibitor’s use of property. Exhibitor’s liability shall include all losses, costs, damages or expenses arising from or out of or by reason of any accident or bodily injury or other occurrences to any person or persons, including the exhibitor, its agents, employees, and business invitees which arise from or out of the exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the exhibition premises, the OMNI Resort or any part thereof.

HOLD HARMLESS:  In the event that the premises in which the CBBS Annual Meeting was to be conducted shall become, in the sole discretion of CBBS, unfit for occupancy, or has been substantially interfered with by reason of any cause or causes not reasonably within the control of CBBS, this agreement may be terminated by the California Blood Bank Society.  For this purpose the term “cause or causes” shall include but not by way of any limitation, fire, flood, epidemic, earthquake, explosion or accident, blockage, embargo, inclement weather, government restraints, restraints or orders of civil defense or military authorities, riot or civil disturbance, strike, lockout, boycott or other labor disturbance, or commandeering of necessary supplies or equipment by local, state, or federal law, ordinance, rule, order or decree or regulation, legislative, executive or judicial, and whether constitutional or an act of God.

Should CBBS terminate this agreement pursuant to the provisions of the Cancellation Policy, the Exhibitor waives any and all claims for damages and agrees that CBBS may, after computing the total amount refundable to all Exhibitors (the amount by which the total amount of fees paid by preparation for conducting the show, including reasonable reserve for claims and other contingencies), refund to the Exhibitor, as and for, complete settlement and discharge of all said Exhibitor’s claims and demands.

The Exhibitor indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless the California Blood Bank Society, OMNI Resort and their officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any actions, losses, costs, damages, claims and expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising from any damage to property or bodily injury to Exhibitors, his agents, representatives, or employees by reason of the Exhibitor’s occupancy or use of the exhibition facilities.

CANCELLATION POLICY: There will be a refund of all fees paid if CBBS cancels the program. In such cases, CBBS shall be free from any claim for damages which exhibitor alleges to have suffered as the result of such cancellation. 

All cancellations must be made in writing to CBBS (email accepted). A cancellation fee of 50% of exhibitor fees will be assessed for all cancellations received 60 days prior to the commencement of the event. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after March 15, 2019. 

ACCEPTABILITY OF EXHIBIT MATERIALS: Show management reserves the right to deny space to any company whose representation is objectionable to the California Blood Bank Society.

COPYRIGHT LAWS: Copyright laws forbid the playing of music in any form without paying a fee to, or obtaining permission of the composer. Any exhibitor providing music in an exhibit booth or hospitality or social event is responsible for obtaining the appropriate music licensing for such activities.

FIRE REGULATIONS: All materials used in the exhibit hall must be nonflammable to conform to the local Fire Regulations. Electrical wiring and equipment installation must conform to appropriate local codes. Material not conforming to such regulations will be removed immediately at the exhibitor’s expenses.

INFECTIOUS OR DANGEROUS MATERIALS: No exhibitor shall display or bring onto the premises any substance or material which is biohazardous, infectious or dangerous to the health, safety or well-being of attendees.




1.1   The Activity shall be independent and non-promotional, focused on educational content, and free from commercial influence or bias. Information presented about commercial products shall be objective and based on scientific methods generally accepted in the scientific community. 

1.2   CBBS shall control the planning, identification of educational needs, determination of educational objectives, selection of presentation content, selection of all persons and organizations that will be in a position to control the content of the Activity, scientific integrity, selection of educational methods, evaluation of the Activity, and implementation of the Activity, including the selection of speakers, moderators, authors, or other faculty. 

1.3   The Commercial Interest shall not engage in scripting, targeting points for emphasis, or any other actions designed to influence the content of the Activity. 

1.4   CBBS represents that all speakers, moderators, authors, or other faculty have disclosed any potential conflicts of interest in writing. 

1.5   The Commercial Interest may provide services in support of the preparation of event materials; however, these materials shall not, by their content or format, advance the specific proprietary interests of the Commercial Interest. 

1.6   CBBS shall have sole control over selecting the invitees to the Activity. 

1.7   Disclosure shall be made to the audience prior to the beginning of the Activity of the following: 
Any known commercial relationships between CBBS, authors, presenters, or moderators and the Commercial Interest. 

1.8   Disclosure shall never include the use of a trade name or a product-group message. The acknowledgment may state the name, mission, and clinical involvement of the Commercial Interest as well as corporate logos and slogans as long as they are not product promotional in nature. 


2.1   Provision of Exhibit shall not be conditioned on CBBS's acceptance of advice or services concerning, faculty, authors, or participants, or other educational matter, including educational content of the Activity. 

2.2   The parties acknowledge and agree that the provision of exhibit has been negotiated in an arm's-length transaction and has not been determined in a manner which takes into account the volume or value of past referrals or business, if any, that may otherwise be generated between the Commercial Interest and CBBS nor is the provision of exhibit an inducement for future referrals or business. 


3.1   There is no requirement under this Agreement, or any other agreement between the Commercial Interest and CBBS, that CBBS or any other party refer any business to the Commercial Interest for products or services or purchase, lease or order any products from the Commercial Interest nor is the provision to exhibit described herein a reward for any prior referrals.

3.2   The Commercial Interest acknowledges that, in addition to complying with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations, CBBS’ internal regulatory compliance guidelines, programs, or other policies, the Commercial Interest intends to adhere to the Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education’s (ACCME) Standards for Commercial SupportSM.


4.1   Either party may cancel this Agreement at any time upon thirty (30) days’ prior written notice to the other party. If a party breaches the terms of this Agreement, that party should have a reasonable period of time to cure such breach. Should that party not cure the breach in a reasonable period of time, CBBS  may cancel this Agreement immediately. 

4.2 Cancellation of this Agreement shall not release or discharge either party from any obligation, debt, or liability which shall have previously accrued and remains to be performed upon the date of termination.

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