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Posted: July 16, 2008



Using a 'calculator' to determine RhIG dosage

A Blood Bank Supervisor at a Regional Medical Center in South Carolina reports that in the May 2008 issue of "CAP Today" from the College of American Pathologists, the article "Bringing new rigor to RhIG calculations" is presented. In that article is described a RhIG Dose Calculator. The inquiring colleague asks if anyone found differences in the number of vials needed when comparing their own calculations versus the Dose Calculator? If validations were performed, how many calculations were compared? (The article suggests comparing 10). The inquiring colleague works in a 500 bed hospital with a fairly large OB department. They do not see a lot of positive fetal bleed screens, but they am plannning on doing a comparison using their local SOP based calculation versus the CAP dose calculator. She thinks the technologists would really like it better.

The following comments have been received.

  1. A Transfusion Medicine specialist from an academic medical center in Southern California writes that RhIG doses at their institution are calculated by residents and confirmed by medical technologists. He is concerned that residents learn the manual calculations well for those times when the computer-based calculations might not be available.

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